​​​​​You MUST have a current membership in order for your points and attendance to count towards Year End Finals..

If you do not wish to be a Member you can have a free day pass , but you will only be entitled to day monies and will not be allowed to compete at another show, unless you become a member.

NO points or attendance will count towards Year End Finals..

Membership fee is $30.00 per person per year. Lifetime Membership fee is $150. However all Memberships are complimentary for 1 year for new Members. Memberships are valid for one year. Annual Membership will begin and end after the RSTPA Finals each year.

Additional Family Members- For those current and past Members who are family Members of the purchaser of an RSTPA Membership can join for and additional $15.00 each. This includes the spouse and any children living at home who are older than 12 and younger than 21.

Youth Membership-Any Youth 12 years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current year, may receive a complimentary Membership. A birth certificate copy may be required for age verification. This Membership will entitle holders to all the benefits of the standard RSTPA Membership

2021 Rider Ratings & Memberships

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One Year Free Membership for New Members!